as183_capital_campaign_2016_flyer_front_v1Restore Our Home:
In the Spirit of Saint Francis

Capital Giving Campaign

Imagine a world without temples, without churches, without sacred space. Saint Francis of Assisi revered such places because he knew that they were reservoirs of peace, silence and healing. Without them, Francis understood that our world would easily slip into despair. The Assisi Institute is an important force for unity in a world torn by division. Our spiritual home is a welcoming place of peace, and in Yogananda’s words, “a hive of Divine honey…” and it is in urgent need of physical repair. If you appreciate the role of The Assisi Institute, and the effect it has had on your life, or the lives of others, I humbly urge you to make a tax-deductible donation to our capital fund campaign. Your contribution will help restore and strengthen our physical home and support our collective mission.
–Craig Bullock, Spiritual Director

Campaign Benefits to the Community

• A spiritual home we can be proud of
• Safety and liability management
• Enhanced energy efficiency
• Improved aesthetics
• Marketable space with revenue potential
• Welcoming place conducive to meditation

Projected Budget/Scope of Campaign

• Renovation of bell tower masonry: $20,000
• Repair and remodeling of living room: $20,000
• Coating/replacement of entire roof: $40,000
TOTAL: $80,000


Either print this page, and choose one of the offline methods, or to conveniently give online, please use the PayPal link below.


I am making a one-time donation of $____________ to support the “Restore Our Home” campaign.


I agree to pay $____________ on the ______ of each month, with the first payment occurring on ____/____/______ and ending on ____/____/______.

Benefactors* $5000 (and above)
Faith Patrons‡ $1000
Grace Patrons† $2500
Peace Patrons§ $100

*“Benefactors” will have their name prominently displayed outside of the temple area on a permanent plaque
†“Grace Patrons” may have a large room named in their honor or in the memory of a love one, such as the living room, fellowship room, etc
‡“Faith Patrons” may dedicate a window in the living room
§“Peace Patrons” may elect to have a brick dedicated for the Pathway of Peace

Payment Method: __Check __Cash __Money Order __Credit Card __Bank Transfer* __ PayPal (link below)

*To set up a bank transfer or payments, contact us by email for more details.

Name of Donor ______________________________
Address __________________________________________
City ______________________________
State _______
Zip ___________________
E-Mail __________________________________
Phone _________________


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Thank you for your generous support!


The Assisi Institute is dedicated to supporting individuals who seek a deeper relationship with God. Through the harmonious integration of Kriya Yoga and mystical Christianity, we nurture a sacred community of meditation, contemplative inquiry and compassionate living.

A meditation and retreat center and a spiritual community, The Assisi Institute hosts services, classes, retreats and other events that enhance spiritual understanding and promote inner and outer peace.

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