The Assisi Institute’s Ministry for Business

Helping leaders to respond from a place of interior calm, clarity and inspired wisdom.

spirituality_of_business_imagesThe Assisi Institute’s Ministry for Business was created to help empower CEOs, entrepreneurs and business professionals to navigate the world of commerce more intelligently, more creatively, and more skillfully. Specifically, the Ministry for Business will give you tools and practices that will enable you to function from a place of interior calm, wisdom and good will – the qualities of successful leadership and content human beings.

A message from The Assisi Institute’s Ministry for Business director:

“We all make plans and set goals, personally and professionally. We want to be happier, more productive, and more successful. We want the best for ourselves, our families, and our businesses. We want to realize our highest, most effective and most noble potential. Allow us to share, with you, our methods for achieving this potential.” –Craig Bullock


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“The most powerful instrument in business today is heart. Craig Bullock understands this and has a way of developing it in your people. When you have it, your personal and company’s success will have no limits!” –Howard G. Van Bortel, President, Van Bortel Aircraft, Inc.

“This seminar deepened my ability to understand and apply the nuances of spiritual living/working on a daily basis.” – John Ingallina, Business Owner

“Since hearing Craig Bullock speak at The Assisi Institute, my life has become free flowing…now life just happens, personally and professionally. I’ve experienced a quantum leap forward. If you have the chance to hear Craig speak, and you listen, it is time well spent.” – Andy Means, Wealth Management Advisor


Enlightened Leadership

Seminars on Conscious Business Practices

The Spirituality of Business: Enlightened Leadership is frequently hosted at The Assisi Institute in Rochester, NY. All are welcome to register.

Craig Bullock is also available to come and present to your organization, wherever you are. If you would like to host an event, please use the booking information below to make arrangements. Cost: to be determined.

Download the Enlightened Leadership brochure (PDF).

For reservations and bookings, contact us via or (585) 473-8731 to discuss how we can be of service to you and/or your organization. We look forward to working with you!


Sample Offering

Enlightened_Leadership_Brochure-No_Dates-V3Enlightened Leadership – Date TBA

Sustained success in business depends on many factors. None are more important than the ability to function from a place of interior calm, clear purpose and a dynamic will. This kind of focused concentration empowers us to direct our minds, emotions and spirits towards the realization of worthwhile goals. When our life energies are organized and focused on noble purposes, the very the power and intelligence that fuels and guides creation rises up to support us in all of our endeavors.  Enlightened concentration is the essence of a meaningful and successful life.

In this context, you are invited to participate in a seminar designed for entrepreneurs, CEOs, managers and those serving as leaders in their respective fields. Participants will be introduced to techniques, strategies and insights that will empower them to be fully and energetically engaged in all aspects of life with enhanced attention, vigor and intelligence. In short, participants will be given the tools to actualize their deepest aspirations from a place of peace, purpose and inspired wisdom.

This seminar will include:

  • Meditation
  • Inner Engineering
  • Successful strategies for dealing with stress
  • Tools for creating personal mission statements
  • Asking the right questions to get the needed answers

“If you sit…over time…your intuition blossoms and you see things more clearly and can be in the present more. It is a discipline, you have to practice it.” –Steve Jobs



Craig Bullock is the founder and spiritual director of The Assisi Institute. He is an accomplished writer, teacher, lecturer and psychotherapist. Bullock earned his graduate degrees in Religious Studies from the University of Notre Dame and in Clinical Psychology from the University of Duquesne. His diverse education includes extensive study in psychology, spirituality, mysticism and yoga.

Pooja Sinha has been initiated into Kriya Yoga and she teaches the spiritual lifestyle class, “Living the Divine Life” for The Assisi Institute. The class teaches practical lifestyle tips that allow God’s grace to flourish in our lives.

Bruce Wayne McLellan has over 10 years as a business and life coach. His motto: “Helping leaders to enhance their prosperity through seeking a higher purpose for their sustainable success.”