Living Grace


Daily inspiration for embodying grace in the modern world.

Living Grace is composed by the Assisi Institute’s spiritual director, Craig Bullock. These daily reflections provide spiritual and lovingly practical insights to help you embody God’s grace while living fully in the modern world. To receive inspiration in your inbox, simply CLICK HERE to subscribe!

Below are some samples of past Living Grace reflections. Please enjoy.

Spirituality as Love-Affair

“God is love. His plan for creation can be rooted only in Love.” –Paramahansa Yogananda

If our relationship with God is not a love affair, then it is not a relationship at all. God stands unceasingly at the door of our hearts, offering the gift of unconditional love—not because we are good, but because He is good. If this “Love” is going to be an actual force in our lives, a response is required. The only appropriate response is a tender, open and vulnerable heart—one that God can fill with God, and therefore unbounded goodness.

– – – – –

“Not even a sparrow falls to the ground without the Father’s consent.” –Jesus

Yes, we all want love, joy and goodness in our lives. However we also want these gifts on our own terms, and under our own control. The problem is that we do not trust Reality—meaning that we do not trust God, for God is Ultimate Reality. This is why Jesus summarized his entire message as “Good News.” In word and deed, he stated that Divine Love is not merely a force among forces, but the most powerful energy within creation— even trumping the forces of karma. Jesus revealed God as being entirely trustworthy—not just in a future heaven, but right here, right now.

– – – – –

“Find yourself in God and God in yourself.” –Teresa of Avila

If God is going to be an active, relevant, and transforming presence in our lives, we must be willing to live from our deepest depths—from our interior heart. There is literally a point behind our hearts where our spirit perpetually touches God’s Spirit. The more we consciously live from this point of contact, the more we allow all of God’s goodness and love to bubble up into our lives. The price of this liberating contact is silence, prayer and meditation—a bargain if there ever was one!

– – – – –

“My deepest ‘me’ is God.” –Saint Catherine of Genoa

One of the blessings of living from the interior heart is that we take ourselves less seriously. We know that God has created us, we know we are who God meant to be, and we know God is responsible for us. This allows us to exhale, to laugh, and to enjoy creation—which actually gives God great joy. The less we obsess about ourselves, the freer we are to love God and others. The more we live from the interior heart, the more we know that our lives are not about us–but God.

– – – – –

“Fear not, it pleases the Father to give you the Kingdom.” –Jesus

We all hold in our psyches levels of painful assumptions, aversions, and attachments. As we journey into the depths of our own hearts, these points of hurt will necessarily surface into our conscious awareness. Yes, the road to heaven passes through hell. Saints refer to this process as “purification.” If we are faithful to our meditation practice, keep the eye of our soul on God, and surrender all things to Divine providence, the storms will cease—God promises! The fruit of this process is a liberated heart, overflowing with peace, love and joy.