From Craig Bullock, the spiritual director of The Assisi Institute:

Extravagant Love – Reflections of a Catholic Yogi


A few words from the author:

“Catholicism has introduced me to God’s love in many wonderful ways. Yet, ever since I was young, there was a longing to go deeper into the experience of God-union. This longing led me to the inspired teachings of a Hindu monk named Paramahansa Yogananda – which had the effect of immersing me more deeply into the heart of Christ. This is my story.” –Craig Bullock


“This is not just another spiritual book! Craig Bullock gives you an authentic itinerary for the spiritual journey, but one that is all the more believable because it is so personal, vulnerable, and honest. And he offers you theological and inter-faith weight and grounding besides! It is not often these all come together in one very readable book. You will know that God is very big, love is for real, and life is happening (in you too!), while you are reading this book.”
–Fr. Richard Rohr, O.F.M. | Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, NM

“God’s mercy is the most powerful thing we can experience. It is available to all and capable, always, of canceling our karma. When I first met Craig, I felt immediately that Yogananda had taken him deep into the inner chambers of God’s heart – from which his inspiring words flow like a stream of love that waters so many dry gardens.”
–Swami Nirvanananda | Shantipuri Friends Foundation, Puri, India

“A journey of deepening surrender and union with God. For those already in love with God and seeking to nurture this intimacy, Extravagant Love will only deepen your desire and commitment. For those wondering about spirituality or curious seekers of the ancient wisdom of the East, be careful: God may really come after you through the pages of this book.”
–Rev. Bill Reynolds | Baptist Minister

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Craig Bullock
is the founder and spiritual director of The Assisi Institute. An ordained Kriya Yoga teacher, Craig is an accomplished writer, teacher, lecturer and psychotherapist. His diverse education includes extensive study in psychology, spirituality, mysticism and world religions.