Manifesting Christ Consciousness

Mystical Christ

We have been loved into existence by God, and as such we carry within our souls a profound intuition of loving union. All of our efforts to find happiness are, in actuality, an attempt to realize this union. Ultimately, only a direct and immediate experience of God can fulfill our soul’s deepest longings—traditionally referred to as “mystical union.”

Mysticism is typically associated with Eastern religions, and rightly so. Yet, Christianity (and Judiasm too) possesses a rich tradition of mysticism. Mystical figures include Gregory of Nyssa, Francis of Assisi, Claire of Assisi, Julian of Norwich, Teresa of Avila, Thomas Merton, and Padre Pio.

No matter how hard we try, we cannot “make” the experience of God-union happen. The mystical encounter is a “gift” from God. Yet, God desires to give this gift to all who truly long for it. Meditation, prayer, service, detachment and a balanced lifestyle help to prepare us to receive this most precious of gifts.

At the Assisi Institute we attempt to provide support for those traveling the mystical path though retreats, mediation services, classes, Kriya Yoga, spiritual direction and an environment of sacred silence. Our community and resources are here to assist you in your journey to God-union.