About the Assisi Institute

A not-for-profit meditation center that hosts services,
classes and events promoting a harmonious integration
of Eastern Philosophy and Western Mysticism.
Our teachings are complementary to any faith path.

An introduction by our Spiritual
Director, Craig Bullock:

Assisi Institute Welcome

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Retreat Center

The Saint Claire Center for Contemplation

A retreat center located in Rochester, NY. Whether you
come for just one day, or stay for a full week, we help
provide the space and conditions for the mind and heart
to come to stillness.

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The Path of Kriya Yoga

A lifestyle of spiritual practice and compassionate
living that leads to Self-realization. A practical path
for householders that enriches life through increased
awareness and God-communion.

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Suggested reading: a daily reader compilation of reflections from Craig Bullock,
the spiritual director of The Assisi institute:

Living Grace – A Daily Companion for Meditation and Contemplation

Living Grace is the treasured companion that opens the door, wider and wider to God’s presence…”
–Fr. Dan Holland

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